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Dec. 12, 2018;
1–2 p.m. EST
End of Life in Long-Term Care
This activity will focus on understanding what is important to individuals in LTC at the EOL such as pain and symptom management, alleviating burden placed on loved ones, spirituality, being treated as a whole person and avoiding prolongation of the dying process. The important need to discuss critical issues related to developing plans of care for these individuals will also be addressed.
Live, Accredited Webcast
Feb. 5, 2019;
1–2 p.m. EST

Adverse Childhood Experiences Part I: An Introduction
This activity, part I in a series, will provide HCPs with an understanding of the science of ACEs and toxic stress. The importance of and rationale behind ACE screening will be reviewed along with opportunities to expand screening in the pediatric setting.
Live, Accredited Webcast

Mar. 6, 2019,;
1–2 p.m. EST

Adverse Childhood Experiences Part II: ACE Screening in Pediatrics
This activity, part II in a series, will discuss the importance of and rationale behind ACE screening along with the available tools and resources to enable HCPs to utilize appropriate referral, treatment and intervention services for individuals.
Live, Accredited Webcast

April 11–12, 2019Essentials of Oncology, Solid Organ and Blood/Marrow Transplant Management for the Health Care Team
Whether you are new to transplantation and oncology or have managed transplant or cancer patients for years, this accredited educational activity is designed to provide you with new insights for care and management of these patient populations. Learn about best practices and the keys to optimal patient/benefit management and compliance while discovering advances, trends and updates in these fields.
Scottsdale, Arizona
May 15, 201913th Annual Medical Director/Physician Leadership Forum
Austin, Texas
July 24–25, 2019Remarkable Strength: Bringing Transplant to Life
Co-provided Conference with UW Health Transplant Program

Madison, Wisconsin
Oct. 14–16, 201928th Annual National Conference
Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Oct. 10, 2018What Is Trauma-Informed Care and Why Is it Critical in Health Care Today?
This panel discussion will identify ways in which HCPs can incorporate the principles of trauma-informed care into their practice. The ACE study and the connection between adverse childhood experiences and trauma will be reviewed. Methods in which HCPs can interact with individuals while expressing understanding and empathy in trauma-informed ways to promote healing and reduce the risk of retraumatization will also be discussed.
Oct. 2, 2018Autism Spectrum Disorder Part V: Dual Diagnosis of Down Syndrome and ASD
This activity has been developed to provide an overview of ASD and DS with the goal of developing an understanding of the disorders and promoting optimal outcomes and compassionate care for these individuals and their families.
Sept. 11, 2018Autism Spectrum Disorder Part IV: Treatment Strategies
This activity will discuss the role and principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA) services, telehealth and evidence-based treatments for ASD.
Aug. 7, 2018Autism Spectrum Disorder Part III: Genetics and Autism
This activity will discuss how genetic and environmental factors contribute to ASD and what researchers have discovered regarding the genetic variation of ASD, along with other key findings in the genetic research in ASD.
June 5, 2018Autism Spectrum Disorder Part II: Medical Home Care for Children with ASD and Other Developmental Disabilities
This activity will discuss medical home care for children with ASD, autism-sensitive care, and counseling strategies and resources available for families and caregivers.
May 24, 2018Management of Comorbid Behavioral and Physical Illness Near the End of Life
This activity will discuss the comorbidities associated with mental and physical illness, strategies and practice models for optimal management of these comorbidities and address end-of-life support for older adults with behavioral and physical illness.
May 1, 2018Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Part I: Overview, Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
This educational series has been developed to provide a comprehensive overview of ASD with the goal of developing an understanding of the disorder and promoting optimal outcomes and compassionate care for these individuals and their families. This live webcast will provide an overview of ASD including screening and when to refer to a specialist.
April 24, 2018Health Care Ethics and Safety: A Quality Case for Consumer Engagement
This live webcast will focus on the importance and impact of compassionate, collaborative, person-centered care and will help to identify challenges—as well as potential solutions—to recognizing the value of compassion, care and dignity on both quality and cost of care.
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